Mike Champion 4 Texas, District 121, State Representative


Mike Champion For TX State Rep, District 121

Experience, Dedication, and Service for a Stronger Texas.


As a candidate for State Representative in the heart of Texas, my commitment to our state’s values of freedom, security, and education is deeply personal. I am Michael Champion, and I bring a unique blend of experience and dedication to serve the people of District 121.


“One of the most powerful questions a leader can ask their people is, "What can I do to help you"  – Nate Miller


A Soldier's Perspective

With 37 years of service in the military, I understand the true meaning of sacrifice and the importance of safeguarding our freedoms. My military experience has equipped me to address our state's challenges, especially the recent invasions into Texas. I pledge to use my expertise to reinforce our state's security and protect our cherished way of life.

Educator and Advocate for Choice 

As a seasoned university educator, I have seen firsthand the power of quality education. I am a staunch advocate for school choice, believing that every child in Texas deserves the best education possible. My goal is to introduce innovative reforms that will empower parents and students, ensuring a brighter future for our young Texans.

Healthcare Provider - A Lifetime of Care 

My journey as a healthcare provider has been a lifelong commitment to serving others. This experience has given me a deep understanding of the healthcare needs and challenges within our communities. I am dedicated to ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare for all Texans.

Lowering Property Taxes

High property taxes are a burden on Texas families and a barrier to economic growth. With my diverse background in service and care, I am uniquely positioned to advocate for significant property tax reform, ensuring more money in the pockets of Texans and a thriving local economy.
As your next State Representative for District 121, I am not just running a campaign; I am committing to a mission. A mission to build a stronger, safer, and more prosperous Texas for all. Vote Michael Champion – a soldier, educator, and healthcare provider dedicated to serving you.


Leadership That Works For You




Border Security

Property Tax Relief

Educational Reform

Sustainable Development

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Why I Am Running

As a mostly self-funded military veteran stepping into the political arena for Texas State Representative, District 121, I bring a unique blend of independence, leadership, and commitment that sets me apart from my opponents. My military background has not only equipped me with the ability to lead under pressure but has also ingrained in me a deep sense of duty to serve others above self. Unlike my competitors, who are lawyers backed by big-money donors, my campaign is mostly self-funded, ensuring that I am accountable only to you, the people of District 121, and not to special interest groups. This independence from external financial influence means my focus is solely on addressing the needs and concerns of our community, making decisions that benefit our district, not outside entities.


My commitment to public service is further demonstrated by my willingness to invest personal resources into this campaign, highlighting my dedication to the principles and policies I stand for. This approach ensures that our campaign is driven by the issues that truly matter to our community – education, healthcare, economic growth, and more. As your representative, I pledge to bring a fresh perspective focused on practical solutions, leveraging my military experience in teamwork, discipline, and ethical leadership. With me, you have a candidate who understands the challenges of ordinary citizens, someone who will tirelessly work to ensure that District 121 thrives, maintaining the integrity and accountability you deserve in a representative. Let's stand together for a brighter future for our district, where the voice of every citizen is heard and valued.




On March 1, 2024 - Vote for Mike Champion for TX State Rep, District 121.