Mike Champion 4 Texas, District 121, State Representative

Meet Mike Champion

Candidate for TX State Rep, District 121

Michael Champion is a dedicated public servant and a candidate for Texas State Representative in District 121. His journey is marked by a lifelong commitment to serving his community and country, reflected in his diverse background as a soldier, educator, and healthcare provider.

Champion's career began with an impressive 37-year tenure in the military, where he developed a deep sense of discipline, leadership, and a commitment to safeguarding freedoms and values. His service, characterized by honor and resilience, instilled in him a profound understanding of the importance of security and governance.

Champion's dedication to service extends into healthcare, where he spent a significant part of his career. In this role, he gained an understanding of the healthcare landscape, the challenges faced by healthcare workers, and the needs of patients. His experiences in healthcare have shaped his perspective on policy and instilled a desire to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality across the state.

After his military career, Champion transitioned into the field of education. As an educator, he gained insights into the challenges and potentials of the Texas education system. His strong advocacy for school choice stems from a belief that every child deserves access to quality education tailored to their unique needs, a principle that he sees as crucial for empowering the next generation of Texans.


As a candidate for State Representative, Michael Champion is focused on critical issues such as border security, property tax relief, educational reform, and sustainable development.

He is committed to securing Texas's borders with effective measures, alleviating the burden of property taxes, and advocating for innovative solutions like large-scale desalination projects along with updated and modern energy sources.

Michael Champion's vision for Texas is not just about addressing current issues; it's about laying the groundwork for a prosperous future. His unique blend of experiences and his deep-rooted commitment to service make him a standout candidate, prepared to face today's challenges and lead Texas into a bright future.


One of the most powerful questions a leader can ask their people is, “What can I do to help you.” – Nate Miller

Why vote for a self-funded Vet?

Independence from Special Interests: A self-funded veteran is less likely to be influenced by special interest groups or big-money donors. This independence can assure voters that the candidate's decisions and policies will be more aligned with the public interest rather than catering to the agendas of wealthy contributors.

Commitment to Principles: Self-funding a campaign can be seen as a strong statement of commitment to one’s principles and beliefs. It suggests that the veteran is running on a platform they genuinely believe in, rather than one shaped by the interests of their donors.

Understanding of Everyday Challenges: A self-funded candidate, especially one with a military background, may be perceived as more in touch with the everyday challenges and concerns of ordinary citizens, as opposed to lawyers who might be seen as part of an elite class, especially if they are backed by big money interests.

Reduced Perception of Corruption: Voters may view a self-funded candidate as less prone to corruption or influence-peddling, as they are not beholden to donors for their campaign finances. This can enhance the trust and credibility of the candidate in the eyes of the electorate.

Focus on Voters, Not Donors: Without the need to cater to big donors, the self-funded veteran can focus more on engaging with voters and addressing their concerns. This can lead to a more voter-centric campaign and, potentially, governance.

Demonstration of Resourcefulness and Commitment: Funding one's own campaign, especially in a political environment dominated by big money, demonstrates resourcefulness and a high level of commitment to public service. It shows the candidate is willing to invest their own resources for the public good.

Promotion of Democratic Ideals: A self-funded campaign can be seen as a step towards reducing the influence of money in politics, aligning with democratic ideals where the quality of ideas and the character of the candidate are more important than their fundraising abilities.

In conclusion, a self-funded military veteran presents a unique choice for voters, combining the leadership, experience, and service-oriented background of military service with the independence and commitment to principles that come from self-funding a campaign. This combination can be compelling, especially for voters concerned about the influence of money in politics and the need for integrity and public service-oriented leadership. However, it's essential for voters to consider all aspects of a candidate's platform, qualifications, and track record when making their decision.




On March 1, 2024, Vote for Mike Champion for TX State Representative, District 121.